"A Church For All The Family"

Our goal is to seek God through worship and community

Part of the Church of Scotland, Inverurie West Parish Church is situated right at the heart of the busy and rapidly expanding comminity of Inverurie in Aberdeenshire

We see ourselves as different families and individuals who come together as one family in Christian worship and so seek to find the ways we can use our different skills and gifts to live out the gospel message of acceptance, hope and justice.

Through our Acorn Centre we aim to provide a faciility where real hospitality can be enjoyed by the congregation and the community at large.

Times of Worship

Sunday 15th May


Morning Worship for Christian Aid Sunday
Junior Church and Crèche


Christian Aid Service

Monday 16th - Saturday 21st May

Christian Aid Book Sale in Inverurie West Church Hall

Sunday 22nd May


Morning Worship
Junior Church and Crèche

Sunday 29th May


"Big Brekkie" for Christian Aid


Morning Worship
followed by Monthly Communion
Junior Church and Crèche

Saturday 4th June

10am - 12pm

Inverurie West Church Plant Sale in the Hall

Prayer Group

Meets each Thursday at 11am in The Acorn Centre